Simple Suggestions For Training Our Children Part 6

Dave and Bethlie discuss how to handle special situation in training children.

Topics include:

What to do if you haven't been training

What to do if you have a divided family

What to do if you have adult children who need help

The process of training children, emphasizing that it's a task that requires continual attention and reconciliation between exceptions and truth.

Creating a structured plan is a must if there seems to be a deficit in training. One option is to hold a family meeting and clearly state new expectations with established consequences.

For blended families, it's crucial to have open communication, collaboration and understanding despite any disagreement or division. Orders should not be given to the other parent, but suggestions should be made, and willingness to work within the limits of your control is advocated.

For parents of adult children who are struggling or disobedient, pray without ceasing and never stop showing love.

It is equally crucial not to let negativity creep in during your interactions. This includes sarcasm or passive aggression. Dave and Bethlie recommend maintaining an open line of communication and sharing concerns in controlled, serious conversations.

Good communication is essential to enhancing the relationship and increasing influence and power in the lives of children.