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This podcast!

I’m so thankful for this podcast. As a stay at home mom with four Littles- five and under, (preparing to home school) I need help! I appreciate the practical guidance and wisdom they provide from what the Lord has shown them through parenting, marriage and ministry. They’re wise counsel has helped the direction of our home in more ways than I can say! There are many things we have stopped and started to help our home be what the Lord wants it to be. The Lord is greatly using this couple. My husband and I will continue listening as long as the podcasts are available! Love, Caleb and Michelle Rector.

Such an encouragement

As a young Christian wife and mother, this podcast has been such an encouragement to me. The Young’s have so much wisdom to offer.

My Monday Routine

I look forward to my Mondays when I can hear the Youngs and their weekly podcast. They are sooooo good together and have such great Biblical advice to deal with all types of issues we deal with as a married couple and parents. Thanks for letting God use you in this podcast!

Encouraging and helpful!

These podcasts have really been a help to me lately! I appreciate their willingness to cover topics, even tricky or difficult ones. Really finding the ones on marriage to be super practical and helpful, and I look forward to listening to the ones on parenting! Thank you, Youngs, for recording these!

Great podcast!

I am so thankful to know these two in the podcast world and in the “real” world! They are dear friends to me and my husband. What a gift their friendship is to us and now this added podcast is just the icing on the cake!

So encouraging!

These podcasts are so encouraging and practical!

Keeping it godly!

Thank you for the encouragement for keeping it young, and keeping godly homes! Practical advice from people who’ve been there!

Biblically Based Family Podcast!

Thanks for Keeping it Young, but also Keeping it Real! It’s so encouraging to hear a couple speak about how the home should be Biblically! Thank you!!!

Great help!

David and Bethly (sorry if it’s misspelled), do a great job taking real life topics and explaining in the light of God’s Word


This is a great podcast for engaged couples looking to get married!


As a Christian husband, I found this podcast to be so helpful. As a pastor, I have began to highly recommend it to our people.

Thank you

I had some crazy emotions this past weekend, and was able to hear the session yesterday on menopause and all that surrounds it... how timely. It has given me fresh perspective to think Bible Truth and comfort to know how to keep navigating in this season that so many women have walked through before me, and yet confidence that Jesus is enough. Thank you for being transparent about real issues that come to women and how we don’t have to be defeated as we face obstacles.

Something for Everyone

I started listening to this podcast about a month before I got married and I would always get something out of each podcast. Now I am newly married and it is even more of a blessing! I love that Bible truth is first and foremost in this couple lives. It is a challenge and encouragement. Thank you for what you are doing! Keep it up!

Don’t Miss It

This a great podcast by a great couple. Each episode is packed with wisdom and guidance from God’s Word. If you are married, have kids, or hope to be married and have kids, you don’t want to miss it!

Worth your time

This podcast is worth your time to listen to if you want to build a stronger Christian marriage and family life. I am so pleased the Young’s are sharing their advice on this area. They are great communicators and give practical tips that apply to real life! Thank you for making time to do this podcast.

Would HIGHLY recommend

Literally our heart beat for marriage. As a couple whose been married for 26 years with two adult children married, we highly recommend this! We’ve been encouraged, reminded & helped! We realize we’ve been in a season of drought! This has encouraged us so much to push back against this drought and hit reset on the things we’ve lived and practiced for MANY years, but have in this season, lost a bit. Sending this to our adult married kiddos!

Biblical and practical counseling

This podcast is so spirit filled. Pastor Dave and Ms Bethlie have touched too many raw nerves for me to know that it’s time to talk in my marriage. Thanj you for the encouragement and the advice. Thank you for this ministry

What a blessing!!!

Hi Brother and Mrs. Young!!! What a blessing your first episode was to me!!! I can’t wait to listen to more!!!! Love you all! Love, Becca V.

Serving with Gladness

I have known this family for years and know that when they say that they serve the Lord with gladness, it is truly a part of their life. I am looking forward to all the lessons they will give in this podcast!