Keeping It Young

Incredibly sweet - what a blessing!

You have just blessed my heart with your interview with Bethlie! She is simply the sweetest! I have enjoyed every one of your podcasts and really felt as though I should let you both know! You know Mrs. Bethlie, heaven is going to be a wonderful reunion! I to am stumped as to who I would like to meet. ☺️ I could go on and on ( the gift of gab, lol), but I don’t want to make this note of encouragement too long! Thank you ❤️ you both have so much to share, and I am grateful! May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit! God bless ~ Diane Hill
P.S. “Roll Tide” I loved the story of the pianist answering her phone while Brother Young was preaching! 😂

Oct. 30, 2021 by deedee0727 on Apple Podcasts

Keeping It Young